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R&D Capability

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 Pattern Master Section


Upper Pattern Master--18 people, and Bottom Pattern Master—3 people, divided into three teams, including,casual shoe, wool shoe, and UGG exclusive development team; most of them are in the shoe business for morethan 10 years; 6 pattern masters are working exclusively for UGG product development;

Paper pattern development, grading, and cutting are all using software like SHOE MASTER, CRISPIN, etc,.


Upper Making Section



P.D. Dept sample room: 70 skilled workers with daily production capacity of 80 pairs;

New R&D Center will divide the sample room into three parts:

UGG Exclusive Sample Room;

Casual Shoe Sample Room;

Formal Shoe sample Room;


Three Product Development Teams.


R&D Mold Dept. Office



Independent Mold design, development and production team of 10 people, including, 2D, 3D, Programming, and technicians.


Design Capability



Design Capability


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