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Henan Prosper Group is involved in two businesses focusing on sheepskin and cowhide tannery and footwear manufacture. The Prosper Footwear is currently the largest manufacturer of sheepskin boots and casual&outdoor footwear for leading international famous brand companies, which continues to be a key growth market for major leading international sporting and lifestyle brands.


The key objective of the Prosper Footwear’s manufacturing business is to strive and become a close partner with leading international famous brand companies. And this would enable the Prosper Footwear to forge long-term relationships and support the product design, development and manufacturing needs of its customers. The Prosper Footwear strives to provide an advanced level of support and innovative solutions to enable its customer to focus on building their portfolio and promoting their brands.


We have five sets top S-class DESMA Automatic direct injection machine with PU/PU and PU/TPU injectors and Amir lines plus laser roughing. And also have one 8 station lab machines for development and five 30 station DESMA PU insole machines. The Modern workshop is equipped with a series of high performance equipments like EVA injection machine, EVA automatic grinding machine, universal milling machine DMU 65monoBLOCK and etc. The Mould manufacturing center is equipped with advanced Five Axis Machining Center DMU 65MONO Block from DMG Asia Ptd. Ltd. Currently we can produce mould for EVA outsole, TPU sole, DESMA outsole and etc. The establishment of mould factory provide a strong guarantee for mould  demands from shoe factory. 


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