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Abundant culture makes HP has excellent development
Company vision: leading global skin&leather fields to become comfortable shoes leader around the world.
Core value: Same goal, action and team.
We Care: Quality, Client, Employee, Safety, Product, Cost, Environmental Protection.
Company Spirit: Focus on actions to excellent.
Product Idea: Quality first. Innovative science and technology.
Environmental Idea: Green HP. Eco-cycle.
Development Idea: Development First. Innovative science and technology.
Quality Idea: Quality first. Making it better.
Talent Idea: To those who are diligent and hard-working have reward, to those who have highly competent ability have development.
Management Idea: Expose problem. Solve it. Make it flexible.
Service Idea: Stones from other hills may serve to polish jade.

Confucianism with honest and keep promise.
Optimistic and enjoy learning.
hide one's light under a bushel, keep a low profile.
Rome wasn’t built in one day.
Joint efforts to communicate the infinite world.
No pain, no gain. Share in the joy.
You must fulfill your promise.
Put heads together for whole situation.