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Social responsibility

Social responsibility

Focus on sewage treatment

HP is concentrated on establishment of environmental enterprise with green garden style
Edited by Department of Environment and Resources
Ma haiyan
    Sewage treatment problem has always limited the development of companies as an obstacle, but it will also open a new way for companies. As a leader of leather&shearling fields, HP has always caught the eyes of the world in sewage treatment. Chen Run, the leader from Henan Province, visited the HP Group with other leaders and admired at environmental business that we have done of it. Lv Hui, the CEO of HP Group, emphasized on establishing a company with greening development and ecological harmony. Currently, HP is focusing on landscaping in sewage treatment factory and second stage of project construction, the new factory will become the garden-style environmental project with the most competitive at fields and the most advanced technology for steering the wheel in the future.
    We have fully realized that environmental is not an obstacle in company development, but it will lay the foundation for that through the 20 years of business development. We can not get the hugely economic benefits without environmental control. Meanwhile, being used as a leader of industry, we are obliged to do well in environmental protection and pollution under control. We deeply believed that the enterprises which are permanently approved by social public only if they are undertaking for social responsibilities and also have long-term development. We have always focused on sewage treatment as a importantly part of company strategy, the new factory will meet the production and treatment of sanitary sewage of company with the idea of “building company on greening and fulfilling the social obligations”for steering the wheel in the future. 
    Building first-class green enterprise with billions investment 
    HP Group has moved to west industrial district from Sangpo village with limited development capability and institutional restriction since 2002, the environmental protection of HP Group has been always prioritized for enterprise development. The previous sewage plant could not meet the currently situation with increasingly environmental requirement and constantly development of company-scale, the senior managers of HP invested ¥ 280 million in plant with treatment of 20 thousand tons per day and afforested area reached to 30% after they are making decision, focusing on the globally most powerful green environmental protection skin&leather industrialized district. The first stage of project has been worked which its sewage treatment could reach the national A-class level.
    Using the most advanced technology.     High standard treatment of emission.
    We saw the data from sewage treatment factory that the currently treatment capability per day is more than before. The waste water from all workshops to treatment factory with sewer system through the complicated processing technology like grid--cyclone desander--fine screens--pre-sedimentation--regulation--coagulating sedimentation--hydrolytic acidification--ABR anaerobism--mid-sedimentation--A20 front-oxidation ditch--secondary sedimentation--advanced oxidation tower--postreactor--third sedimentation--rotating disc filter, after that, we made emission or recycling. Since 2008,we have successively finished two assignments for cleaner production auditing which reached the top advanced level in domestic.
    Deeply sewage treatment with key equipment
    The key part of sewage treatment is oxidation ditch, we are currently using lifting micro-porous aeration equipment for mass transfer efficiency, for growth environment of sludge floc, the microorganism was fully using at the adsorption, oxidation and decomposition of organism in waste water which made it furthest degradation and achieved denitrification effectively. 
    In addition, the neighboring environment will be surrounded by the organic malodorous gas made by Sewage in prepossessing, hydrolysis and anaerobic if we did unorganized emissions. Our new factory will use harmless treatment on collecting bad smell through closed room, which was transferring into bio-desulfurization system with micro-nagative pressure and using adsorption and conversion of microorganism with that system to meet emission requirement of bad smell, through the organized emission of chimney of high 25 meters to achieve no smell and make it cleaning.
    Winning all kinds of awards by advanced cleaning technology. 
    The company imagination was neither improved, nor won all kinds of awards in domestic without paid massive price in environmental protection. We awarded first prize of Energy-Efficient Innovation in national leather industries in 2008. We awarded the most globally authoritative BLC Environmental certification from 2013 up to now successively, we are the only one who awarded in the shearling industry worldwide. We were approved “National Environmental Friendly Enterprise Alliance-Standing Director Unit”by “All-China Environment Federation”in 2014.
    All members of factory will work together to make high-efficiency in sewage treatment and lay a solid foundation for business development, and make it better!