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  • 2016
    The eco-tannning factory of HP Group with 12 automatically production lines, and 149 automatically terminal operation machines has been established and been used in 2016.
  • 2015
    In 2015, the environmental ideas of“Green HP, Eco-cycle“ is proposed by HP Group, and we have finished hugely investment in technical reformation of energy conservation and environmental protection. In May of next year, the first-stage construction of that has been finished and used, the environmental project of HP was awarded“Sino-Environmental excellent enterprise”by ACEF(All-China Environment Federation)“.
  • 2014
    In Apr, 2014, HP accomplished the tanning technology successfully without salt, acid, aldehyde, phosphine and metal in shearling products for baby care, which is targeted on Green, Ecology and Environmental Protection, wholly subverting the tanning ideas in traditionally leather-making industry,
    HP Group finished the direct injection technology project for trial production with totally investment of ¥ 500 million and total building area of 0.1 million square meters on Jul 18, 2014.
    HP Group was authorized the advanced technology enterprise by the National Science and Technology Board on July 28, 2014.
  • 2013
    HP Group was authorized by the Department of Science and Technology of Henan Province to establish “Workstation of Academy of processing of shearling of Henan Province”in May, 2013.
  • 2012
    In Dec, 2012, the second generation of eco-taaning technology was successfully developed by HP R&D Center.
  • 2009
    In Sept, 2009, the acquisition of Spanish century-old company--Colomer was officially done. And since then, HP Group set foot in leather industry.
  • 2008
    The HP’s brands of “Dior, Dogaroo,“ were awarded“The Most International Influential Brand of Chinese Skin&Leather Industry”by People’s Daily marketing department in Mar, 2008.
  • 2007
    As a standard drafter in national shearling industry, the“Shearling Products for automotive upholstery”and ”Shearling products for household wares”which are in charged by HP is approved by China National Light Industry and National leather industry standardized technical commission.
  • 2003
    HP Factory moved to West Industrial District and officially began to industrialized production on Apr 20, 2003.
  • 1995
    In Apr 20, 1995, HENAN PROSPER SKINS&LEATHER ENTERPRISE CO.,LTD was founded with registered capital of ¥ 680 million in Sangpo village, Mengzhou city.